Blühen is helping farmers get back to work.

What we do

Biomass procurement

Blühen Botanicals is currently partnered with farms throughout the U.S. to provide high-yield industrial hemp, and is actively working to expand its network of farmers to acquire as much hemp as possible. Farmers contracted with Blühen receive discounted consultations on best farming practices to support a smooth crop transition.

Fair market rates based upon CBD percentage of biomass will be offered to growers. Call 865-999-3153 for details.

Hemp extraction and processing

Blühen uses an efficient and safe ethanol extraction process. In order to process large quantities of hemp biomass, the material is washed in sub-zero ethanol, dissolving the CBD within the plant into the ethanol, and the resulting product of the extraction process is CBD crude oil.

There are several steps that can then be taken to produce various CBD-based products.

Crude oil is sent through an evaporator to remove any residual ethanol and produces clean crude. That product then goes through a short-path distillation process to separate out any remaining particles and produces 85% pure CBD oil. That distillate then goes to a crystallization chamber to produce isolate, a 99% pure CBD product in powder form.

Growers may use Blühen Botanicals to extract and process their hemp.  A discount applies for biomass exceeding 5,000 pounds.

Call 865-999-3153 for current pricing.

Consulting on best farming practices

Blühen’s team of experienced horticulturists, plant pathologists, and entomologists are here to help our farming partners overcome the challenges of growing a new crop and work directly with them to grow high-yield CBD crops by providing expert advice on soil amendments and recommendations for nutrient profiles and hemp farming best practices. Simple changes implemented by our experts can triple the CBD yield and the overall health of a hemp crop.

Wholesaling of CBD products

Blühen Botanicals plans to wholesale its CBD crude oil, distillate, isolate, as well as THC-free full-spectrum oil, and our in-house labs and third-party testing facilities verify the quality of every batch. Blühen implements Good Manufacturing Practice procedures and FDA-level quality assurance protocols to assure its partners and consumers of a consistently top-grade product. A Certificate of Analysis is sent with every batch sold.

Genetics research and development

Blühen’s experts on horticulture and industrial hemp continue to identify strains of industrial hemp with the highest CBD yield while also exploring genetics for the more than 100 other cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. Our research facility uses deep-water-culture hydroponics and sustainable growing practices including high-efficiency LED lighting, high SEER HVAC systems and water-recapture-and-recirculation technology to test the success rate of various hemp cultivars while our in-house lab employs the rigors of a pharmaceutical laboratory to test and evaluate its specimens and resulting products. The aim? To identify the top cultivars which thrive in different regions of the country and around the world.

Retailing of CBD products

Blühen will launch production of its own line of wellness products in 2019 and is currently investing in product development, exploring vape cartridges, and researching tinctures, salves, edibles for humans and pets, transdermal patches, and applications for the beverage industry. Additionally, Blühen is researching the utilization of whole hemp in textiles and construction materials, carbon fiber, and sugar extraction technology.