We’re manufacturing high quality hemp products you can trust.

Our Story

In 2018, after 18 months of hemp industry due diligence by long time friends, Joe Fox (CEO) and Erich Maelzer (Director of Horticulture), Blühen Botanicals was founded to put farmers back to work, create jobs, and make a meaningful difference in the health and wellness of their local Knoxville community while impacting wellness globally.

What sets us apart? In a market inundated with poor-quality and imported CBD products, we implement Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA-level quality assurance protocols as well as third-party testing to ensure we consistently bring a top-grade and trustworthy products to the marketplace.

Our flagship wellness-focused retail location is scheduled to open in tandem with our retail product launch on May 17 during Knoxville’s Rhythm N’ Blooms Festival and we hope you’ll stay along for the ride until then.

Learn more about our founders below and follow us on social to stay tuned for exciting upcoming product launch announcements!

Our Founders

Joe Fox

As a Knoxville entrepreneur known for his realty business and rehab and development projects, Joe Fox is passionate about building sustainable industries to elevate local and regional economies. To that end, he’s engaged an expert team to bring the Blühen vision to fruition. For Joe, work doesn’t feel like… work… so you could say entrepreneurship is his most fulfilling hobby. But when he’s not pouring over business plans and building teams, he can be found home in Knoxville spending time with his kids, testing new recipes, or at his drafting table, working on building design and home-flipping projects.

Erich Maelzer

Erich has 23 years experience as a grower, and operates a popular YouTube channel with more than a million views. He has grown plants in every medium and prides himself on being a deep-water culture and grow lighting technology expert. Erich’s passion for horticulture and leads grow forums led to a partnership with Joe in 2016 to begin planning what is now Blühen Botanicals.